How to use Extreme Sports Wash


How to use EXTREME WASH for optimum results via hand wash, machine wash and spray clean.


Pour +- 20ml EXTREME WASH Liquid into a bath, bucket or suitable container filled with +- 10lt cold or luke warm water.

Submerge the clothing items / gear into the soapy water and wash by hand or kneading motion.

After washing, rinse with clean water and hang out to air dry. For more odour intensive items, let the items soak in EXTREME WASH. The longer the soak, the better it works.
Soaking time recommendation: 5 minutes - 24hours


EXTREME WASH Liquid can be used in washing machines, +- 20ml for every 10lt water filled.
Run normal wash cycle which should include a rinse with clean water.
Wet suits washed in EXTREME WASH does not need a clean water rinse. It can be washed and hanged to dry until next use.

There is no need for other soaps or softeners if you are using EXTREME WASH.


For boating upholstery, carpets, mats, pads, kite surfing gear, etc. that are too big to submerge, EXTREME WASH Liquid can be diluted as per hand wash application and applied with a sponge or brush.

20ml can also be diluted into a 750ml trigger spray bottle, sprayed onto items, washed, rinsed and air dried. Diluted spray can also be applied to helmets, prosthetic limbs, liners - wiped and used as normal.